Pluto for Channels


Channelsexternal link is a great application by Fancy Bits, LLC that allows you to enjoy free over-the-air HD TV.

Their custom channelexternal link feature allows you to use streaming sources such as Pluto TVexternal link to create your own channels.

Visit their great community supportexternal link page to get started.

Updating Pluto TV guide data

When setting up Pluto TV as a custom channel, you need to specify a Playlist and EPG for the guide data.

One of the developers of the Channels app has already created a dockerexternal link image that automatically updates both of these files.

Grab the maddox/pluto-for-channelsexternal link docker image from GitHubexternal link and run the container on your system to create and update the Playlist and EPG files for Pluto TV.

If you prefer not to run your own docker container, use these Playlistexternal link and EPGexternal link files.

See the Add Source to Channels section in the file in the maddox/pluto-for-channelsexternal link repository for additional detail.

Note: These files are updated every 3 hours.